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September 15, 2023 – Rock Arena, New York City

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Welcome to Harmonix, the ultimate one-day rock concert extravaganza that will rock your world from dawn till dusk. Here are three fascinating facts about Harmonix that will make you even more excited for this monumental event:

100,000 Rock Enthusiasts

Emphasize the massive crowd size and the incredible energy generated by over 100,000 passionate rock music fans attending the concert.

12 Hours of Non-Stop Rock

Showcase the duration of the concert, emphasizing that it will be a full-day event, featuring continuous rock music for 12 hours straight.

6 Stages, 60+ Performers

Highlight the extensive lineup with six stages hosting performances by more than 60 bands and artists, showcasing the breadth and diversity of rock music.

20 high-definition video walls

Engaging visual experience with over 20 high-definition video walls strategically placed throughout the venue, ensuring every seat has a great view.

Featured Performers

Get ready for an unforgettable night filled with pulsating rhythms, epic guitar solos, and a whole lot of rock energy.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 – SET TIME: 9:30 PM

Ember Stone

With his dynamic vocals and commanding stage presence, Ember Stone is a force to be reckoned with. Powerful voice can captivate audiences and his emotionally charged performances leave a lasting impact.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2023 – SET TIME: 9:00 PM

Midnight Riders

The Midnight Riders are a guitar-driven powerhouse duo that will blow you away with their electrifying performances. Their high-energy rock anthems and blistering solos will leave you breathless.

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Join us at our upcoming events and experience the same level of inspiration and empowerment that our attendees rave about. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary.

John Smith

Managing Director

“The event was absolutely amazing! The speakers were top-notch, and I left feeling inspired and motivated. It was a fantastic experience!”

Sarah Johnson

Creative Director

“I loved every moment of the event! The speakers were incredible and I gained valuable insights. It was a truly empowering experience!”

Karen Lee

Tech Innovator

I loved every moment of the event! The lineup of speakers, especially Karen Lee, was incredible. I gained valuable insights and felt truly empowered.

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